Watch Hillary Clinton Answer For Her Crimes


That is the day that she will have to answer for all those emails. 

There is a petition going around to have it aired on live TV: 

Air Hillary Clinton Testifying on LIVE TV

“To those in “charge” that ghoul will answer for what she’s done. You will give us justice, or we will take it, your choice. And we will remember who’s side you took when we needed your help. We won’t be needing your help then, you’ll be needing ours, and it will fall on deaf ears.”


Updates for 9/5/2020

Links are beefier, and I created a book request form in The Library. Need to scan some more books in, and I will start promoting maybe next month. We are ready to rock folks, let’s get us some Nazi scalps! BLM! ACAB!

Buckle Up

I want to make this a resource space for fellow Anons & Anarchists alike. Meme’s and info-graphics will not get as much attention as The Library or links, I think that brain candy is nice, and however informative it is, books are where real whole knowledge is stored. I would also like to say, buckle up, If you haven’t been saving for a rainy day, try to do it now, steal it (big box stores), get canned food and water, and stock up on guns and bullets if you’re inclined. It will get worse before it gets better, the darkness before the dawn as they say. 

Let Fire Be the Cleanser

Considering everything that is going on now-a-days, I think it is fair to say we need to burn it all down to the ground and start over. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this is nothing to be scared of. Stay strong everyone, and PUT ON THE PRESSURE!

Where Did Everyone Come From? (subscribers)

I just noticed I have quite a bit of you on here, and someone sent me an email in the contact form. The long and the short of it is because of that email I will try and update my site more often. I hadn’t really looked at the stats before as I am busy alot of the time with my day to day life. I can’t promise weekly, but I’ll see what I can do about monthly updates. I will have the full scan of The Anarchists Cook Book up by the end of the week, that’s something that needs to be free to all. Till then. Laters.